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Strange But Real, There is a lake in the Middle of the ocean!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic If you usually see the lake in the highlands, it is different from Portugal. There Islet Island Vila Franca do Campo in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which has a perfect circular lake.

Azores is an autonomous region of Portugal section in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Azores distance of about 1,369 miles off the coast of Portugal and a collection of nine islands, which are divided into three groups with many small islands. The most coveted tourist island, is a small island called Islet Vila Franca do Campo.

Islet Vila Franca do Campo is located approximately 1 km off the coast of Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. According to the site visited detikTravel Amusing Planet, Tuesday (11/02/2014) This island is formed by a volcanic crater that is under the sea. In the middle of this island are a perfect circular shape of the lake and the water is clear blue. Interestingly, the lake water is directly connected to the Atlantic Ocean through a narrow slit.

These openings make sea water circulation into the lake to flow smoothly. Gap also prevents the entry of large ocean waves. This gap is named Boquete and overlooking the beach on the island of Sao Miguel. If from the air, the lake in Islet Vila Franca do Campo really look beautiful. The lake water as a giant sphere in the middle of the vast ocean. Yes, this is a lake in the middle of the ocean!

Tourists who come to Islet Vila Franca do Campo can perform many activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing ride to the edge of the lake or in the surrounding cliffs. Due to the uniqueness and beauty of the lake, the Red Bull Cliff Diving event was held there since 2012. Formerly, Islet Vila Franca do Campo was used as a military defense headquarters, where whaling, and the cultivation of grapes. But now, a small island which is famous for the lake became a tourist haven for tourists. In 1983, the local government makes Islet Vila Franca do Campo as a protected nature reserve. Investigate a investigate, this small island is rich in bird species diversity.

But remember, tourists can only come to the Islet Vila Franca do Campo during the month of June to September only. Tourists can take a boat from Vila Franca in Portugal towards the western coast of the small island. In addition to that month, the island was closed to tourists. Many tourists say, a small island with a lake in the middle of the ocean as a marine paradise in Europe ...
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